Does Auto Insurance Really Have To Be So Expensive?

25 February 2021
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If you are thinking about lowering your bills, you aren't alone. Many people are unhappy with the amount of money they find themselves spending on auto insurance. The truth is that insurance is incredibly confusing for many people, no matter how much you spend. So, do you really have to spend so much on auto insurance? Maybe not. Use these tips to lower your bills. You Aren't Married to a Single Quote Read More 

4 Important Types Of Coverage You Get With Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

22 January 2021
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When you purchase a home, you take on a wide range of responsibilities. One of the responsibilities you have to take on is carrying homeowner's insurance. It is important to understand how homeowner's insurance works to choose the best coverage and access your coverage benefits when necessary. 1. Dwelling Coverage is For Your Home When you look at your policy, you will note the term "dwelling coverage." Your dwelling is your home, and this coverage applies specifically to the physical structure of your home. Read More