How Can Young And First-Time Drivers Get The Best Car Insurance Rates?

13 March 2017
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When you first get your license, it is an exciting time. This brand new sense of freedom is enhanced when you buy your first car or even if you drive your parents' or friend's vehicles. Now that you are able to drive, you need to think about insurance and for younger or first-time drivers, insurance is usually higher priced than their older counterparts. You can find cheaper insurance, however, and there are a few ways to go about it.

Driving Schools

While it's not necessary to go through a driving school to get your license, it actually can help you in the long run and especially with your car insurance. If you have attended driving school and have passed an accredited driver's ed class or even a defensive driving course for more advanced driving techniques then you are eligible for a price reduction in your car insurance. The rates do vary across each state, but the savings can be substantial. It is also possible to avoid any premium hikes if you have been involved in an accident if you have the defensive driving certificate.

Good Student

There is the possibility that if you are a good student in high school, college or university, and under the age of 25 that you could receive better insurance rates for your vehicle. You must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or be on the honor roll or dean's list at your school. The savings can be pretty great for a new driver, and all you need to do to provide proof of your good student status in a current transcript of your grades or a letter signed by a school administrator.

Resident Students

It is possible to get better car insurance rates if you are away attending college or university. If your school is a substantial distance away from home, it is possible to get really good rates on your insurance. This is mainly used by students who don't plan on driving their cars while away at school but will visit and have the car at home to get around with.

Military Discounts

If you have signed up for the military, you can look into getting pretty good car insurance rates simply because you are serving your country. Insurance companies recognize that many military drivers receive advanced training in defensive driving, and you can receive the benefits of this on your car insurance. This can carry over to when you are a veteran too and even after you have retired from active service. For more information on cheaper car insurance, click here to read about it.