Renting a Basement-Level Apartment? 3 Tips for Choosing Renters' Insurance

22 March 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Renting an apartment that's located in the basement of a building can come with some unique concerns. You will want to make sure that you feel safe and that all your belongings are protected. With some of the unique challenges that come with living in a basement, it's so important that you rely on renters' insurance.

If you're unsure about how to choose an insurance plan, familiarize yourself with the following important points.

Keep the Risk of a Flood in Mind

Compared to living in a higher floor, living on the ground floor of any building puts you at a higher risk of experiencing water damage if a flood were to occur. Living in the basement of a building is an even higher risk, due to the fact that water could trickle down from above you and cause significant flooding. Many insurance plans for renters include flood protection, but it's important that you make sure your plan will cover the value of your items if a flood were to occur.

Get Your Items Accurately Assessed

Choosing just any insurance plan and coverage may seem like the right move when you're only worried about getting insurance at a good price. Instead, you need to focus on getting your items accurately assessed to that you know the true value of everything before choosing an insurance plan. Whether you have a lot of electronics or expensive artwork, getting your items accurately assessed and obtaining the proper amount of coverage is essential if you want to be protected against losing the value of your items.

Check if Insurance Plans Can Be Combined

If you already have a car insurance plan, it's a good idea to check if the insurance company can combine plans to provide you with some extra savings. Combining insurance plans can help you save a great deal of money, allowing you to get an insurance plan that is affordable and still provides the necessary coverage that you need. Combining plans can also make it much easier for you to pay your bill on time and get any answers to questions you may have.

As you prepare for moving into a basement-level apartment, it's important that you focus on what you can do to protect your items. With the above tips, you'll know how to keep everything protected and avoid damages that could be expensive to take care of on your own. For more information, contact companies like LIVINGS INSURANCE.